Seeutek 2 Gal 8L Water Alcohol Wine Home Distiller Copper Moonshine Still Kit Stainless Boiler Thumper Keg


This multifunctional equipment can be used for: distilling fruit wine, distilling water, purifying water, distilling brandy, and refining plant extracts for medicinal purposes. You can place up to 8 liters of raw material and 8 liters can distill about 5 pounds of wine; This item need heat and it can heat by induction or stove. Never leave a running still unattended. Never drink while distilling. Never block the outlet of the still. Never use an open-flame heat source while distilling indoors.

Distillation principle:

First put some fermented material into the big steamed bucket; then heat by induction or stove, it will generate steam; Next put some cold water into the small brass steaming bucket; After cooling the steam will generate the distilled water. If you put the wine materials, it will generate the wine.

The cooling coil cooler: copper or stainless steel pipe to shape ; Length : 170cm/ 67 inches for 2 or 3 Gal, 250cm / 100 inches for 5 or 8 Gal

Package include:

Big Steaming bucket * 1

Small Steaming bucket * 1

Condenser * 1

Clamp sets * 1

Thermometer * 1

Two meters Silicone tube * 1

A set of Fermented exhaust valve * 1

Extend Pipe * 1

English Instruction * 1

Tip: In order to have better effect, please distill water for the first time after receiving.